Prepare To Be Jealous Of Katy Perry's Birthday Cake

Photo: via @katyperry.
Once you reach a certain age, birthdays seem to get a little less exciting. As you grow older, it becomes less likely that you'll get a party at the local rollerskating rink (completely paid for by your parents). So, it's important to find other little ways to make your big day feel special. Yesterday, Katy Perry turned 32, and she got one treat that would make any boring B-day way better.

Most people get some kind of cake to celebrate the day they were born. Perry, however, put an unconventional twist on tradition and instead feasted on bacon birthday cake. That's right, the pop star posted a photo on Snapchat of 12 little rosettes of rolled-up bacon with candles stuck in their centers. She captioned the pic "bacon cake for birthday breaky," and of course included two cake emojis.

Next time we turn another year older, we're going to make our own tangled bunches of bacon. Actually, we can't wait that long. We'll probably just cook some up for brunch this weekend.

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