This Bedspread Photo Is Going Viral For A Very Unexpected Reason

The internet is full of fun optical illusions. We know we're not the only ones who have spent hours of our lives staring at a photo on our computer screen, trying to find the promised hidden surprise. These brain-teaser photos often go viral because they're challenging and have a pretty fun payoff. That's not exactly the case with the most recent viral optical-illusion image that's circulating.

Earlier this week, an Imgur user posted a photo that is really tripping people up. The photo shows a regular-looking bed in a regular-looking room, but there's a big, red circle that draws your eye to the bed's patterned duvet cover.

If you know anything about internet optical illusions, you know a big, red circle means there's something hiding somewhere. These photos often have something hidden in patterns — remember that rug? So, naturally, everyone who came across this picture on Imgur spent some time trying to uncover whatever was concealed in the circle. The problem is, there's nothing to find in this one.
Yep, it's just a red hula hoop leaned up against a bed. If you were fooled by the hoop, don't be embarrassed. You're certainly not the only one. Since being posted a few days ago, this pic has gotten 66,385 views and plenty of comments from people who were also tricked. One commenter named wrightn9 even bravely admitted to having seen this picture circulating on the internet at least five times before — and yet they still stared at it for about a minute before realizing there was nothing to see.

So, at least we can all take comfort in the fact that we aren't that person, but we're still shaking our fists at the internet gods who allowed this trick to be posted.

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