What Could This New American Horror Story Teaser Mean?

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
American Horror Story just dropped another teaser, and this one's especially cryptic.

First of all, it's creepy as hell. A shadow follows a girl up a staircase and pulls her by the hair. Spooky music plays in the background as the screen fills with a question mark and a six.

But there's also something unusual about it. You might miss this if you're watching the video on Facebook. But if you look at the bottom, you'll notice there's a Facebook comment section within the video. And what it says will mystify you, not to mention give you the chills.

What starts off as a fan's comment reading "Getting so excited, the anticipation is killing me!!! I love you AHS!" becomes a row of question marks and sixes.

There aren't too many clues as to what this means, and like the many teasers that have been released, it may not actually mean anything. FX CEO John Landgraf has said many of the videos are intentional misdirects that don't actually reflect what happens in the upcoming season.

Regardless, it's cool how FX has broken the fourth wall by making the audience part of the teaser. That in of itself is pretty spooky.

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