Why Animals At The Los Angeles Zoo Are Taking Adorable Selfies

There's no doubt that the animals in the Los Angeles Zoo are photogenic, but it seems they're also good behind the camera, too.

According to ABC News, Google gave the L.A. Zoo high-tech cameras in honor of the Disney movie Zootopia. Why cameras? So that the animals could take selfies.

These cameras have motion sensors, which means any time the animals get close enough to the lens — roughly 18 inches — the camera grabs a pic. Often, an adorable one.

The zoo's Instagram is already boasting photos of a very serious Bengal tiger and a couple of nosey giraffes. Both #nofilter, we assume.

Though it's probably the sloth that seems to truly understand the composition of a perfect selfie. Mainly, that you should always shoot from above.

You can see more of the photos the animals took at Zoogle Selfies.

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