Lady Gaga Taps Into New Wave Vibes With Orange & Blue Hair

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images.

Lady Gaga is known for being an aesthetic chameleon, changing her looks on a whim. She can pull off almost anything and has certainly tried a lot of looks. Her hair has been blonde, brunette, peach, yellow, rainbow, turquoise, green, and more. Now, she's debuting a brand new hair color — well, more like two.

In a photo posted to her Instagram that serves as both a debut of her new 'do and a plug for her upcoming tour, Gaga showed off tresses with vibrant hues of orange and blue. She also shouted out to her hair dresser, Frederic Aspiras, and her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno in a captioned on the photo.

No word yet on whether the hair is specifically for the tour, or just for fun. The singer showed off glitter red lips and thick black eyeliner, too, which could totally be stage makeup or just Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga.

Back in May, Joanne merchandise dropped at Urban Outfitters, featuring shirts, jackets, hats, and more, so you can be sure you're dressed for the occasion if you score tickets to one of Gaga's shows. The Born This Way singer hasn't toured since 2014, though she's performed at Coachella and the Super Bowl (NBD), as she's been focused on her acting, with turns on American Horror Story and filming a remake of A Star Is Born.

The most exciting part of the whole thing will be which aesthetic Lady Gaga brings to the stage this time. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: it definitely won't be boring. With Gaga, it never is.

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