Stressed-Out Stylists Are Sharing Their Woes On Instagram & God They're Good

Photo by Nina Westervelt.
Being a stylist isn't as glamorous as it may seem. While most imagine free clothes and photoshoots at exotic locations, the reality is more often 4am call times, stressing over samples and defending your career against the unending, "What exactly do you do again?" If you need proof, take a look at Stressed Stylist, the latest Instagram account satirizing the hustle and hard truths of working in the fashion industry.
The humorous account uses memes as catharsis and provides much-needed lols. Whether you're a fellow stylist, fashion lover or just curious as to what exactly drives stylists up the walls daily, take a look at some of the memes that made us laugh most.
Oh, and if you want more, there are plenty of very stressed-out fashion assistants too...

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