How To Make This The Summer You Wear Shorts To Work

Even though it’s already June, these are early days for shorts weather, sadly. But now is a good time of year to start thinking ahead about your workwear wardrobe for the summer, particularly those muggy, heat wave days when the idea of wearing trousers or jeans to the office will seem truly unbearable.
While workwear dress codes can be very different — that is, if your workplace even has one — the best office shorts are generally tailored, well-fitting, and could be styled with anything from a vintage t-shirt to your fanciest blazer. You’ll want to look for styles that don’t restrict movement, are easy to wear, and not fussy or too delicate. Beyond that, it’s a matter of taste!
Here are three tailored pairs of shorts that are cute, versatile, and marked down this week.

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