6 Sex Positions That Basically Are A Workout

Photographed By Savana Ogburn.
Like a challenging barre class or long outdoor run, sometimes you end up ridiculously sore in places you didn't know existed after having especially physical sex. All that thrusting, bending, and sweating accomplishes more than just an orgasm and a good time.
Technically, sex counts as a "workout," and depending on how vigorous it is, it can reach the level of moderate exercise, Tina M. Penhollow, PhD, MCHES, associate professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Health Promotion at Florida Atlantic University told Refinery29. While no amount of sex can replace regular physical activity, there are certainly some athletic sex positions that work your muscles and cardiovascular system more intensely than others.
So, if you're looking for an at-home, in-bed partner workout, here are the sex positions you should master next. And, as with traditional workouts, don't forget to add some low-key recovery sex days into your routine, too.

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