Puffer Scarves Are Like Neck Parkas & They're Freaking Brilliant

On those extra frigid days when you just want to shirk your responsibilities and stay inside, your puffer jacket has probably saved you from losing your job, or worse, missing brunch. If you want to double your defenses against the impending nasty weather, look to the warmest and most OTT accessory around: a puffer scarf.
“It gets pretty cold up here, but we still have to go on with our busy lives,” says Jean-Philippe Robert, president and creative director of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec-based Quartz Co., known for its no-fuss winter wear built for warmth and comfort. “[Our brand] had to develop ways to dress to achieve that in style.” For Quartz Co., that stylish coziness includes its Edition puffer scarf, made with 100% white duck down that’s a byproduct from the Canadian food industry. It’s just one of the many quilted, down-filled wonders being unleashed this winter.
These scarves are nothing like the dainty, decorative ones you wore around your neck all summer. They’re serious chill-fighters, ready to help bulk up your outerwear game. Opt for one in a bright print and throw it on over your camel coat to fend off wet snow, or layer three to create what Robert calls “a jumbo multi-coloured puffer scarf” that covers your shoulders as well as your neck.
Ahead, nine puffer scarves in a rainbow of colours and patterns to keep you warm until the ground defrosts.

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