The Date Who Asked Me For A Refund

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A few years ago, I went on a date. We met up at my local bar for some drinks and he seemed pretty normal, but very boring.
I wasn’t feeling a spark (partially because he had a Friar Tuck haircut and seemed desperate for a girlfriend) but despite my gut feeling to end it then and there, I agreed to go on a second date with him. 
Oh, how I would live to regret that choice. 
A week later, we had a burger and a pint, along with a very awkward kiss, before I made up a bogus excuse to head home because my "roommate was locked out."
I felt guilty about having ditched him and in an effort to spare his feelings, sent a text to say that I wasn’t feeling it, thank you and on to the next. 
He did not take it well. Within minutes, I was bombarded with messages begging me for another chance, as well as asking me to explain why he wasn’t "good enough" and "how he was different from my exes." I was shocked but wanted to be kind and so I decided to give him some constructive feedback. 
Instead of bowing out, Friar Tuck stepped things up a notch and sent another eight messages. 

Once blocked on iMessage, he tried WhatsApp, then resorted to finding me on Facebook. Presented with only one option left, he turned to Twitter...

Once blocked on iMessage, he tried WhatsApp. When I blocked him on there, he resorted to finding me on Facebook. Presented with only one option left, he turned to Twitter, but this time there was no lovey-dovey note to get a third date.
Instead, he tweeted me, asking for an $30 refund as compensation for our second date.
To clarify, I paid for myself – this "fee" was to cover his drink and meal.
So I did the only suitable thing I could think of: I shared the tweet far and wide on my social media channels.
Having been publicly humiliated, he finally gave up, but my friends decided to do some digging on his profile afterwards.
It turns out that Friar Tuck had done the exact same thing to at least three other women, pleading with them on Twitter to date him because he’s "such a nice guy" and attacking them if they didn’t comply. 
Talk about dodging a bullet. 

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