22 Christmas Horror Movies To Watch This Year, If That’s Your Thing

Photo: DMcCallum Orion/Vertigo/Kobal/Shutterstock.
Christmas is usually seen as a holiday full of treats, good tidings, and cheer, and the movies about the event usually reflect that. But there's always something for everyone in the entertainment world, which means that there are tons of Christmas horror movies that put a new spin on the holiday.
There's something about taking a traditionally innocent holiday geared towards children and making it evil and terrifying that appeals to both creators and audiences. After all, Halloween is already a little scary on its own — so it's not as much of a stretch to have a scary Halloween movie (but audiences love those too). Christmas, on the other hand, is traditionally pretty joyous (there's presents! And cookies!), so it takes a little more creativity to make it horror movie-ready. (However, these days, any Christmas family dinner where politics gets brought up is pretty horrific on its own.)
If saccharine holiday rom-coms like those found on the Hallmark Channel aren't really your jam, maybe these movies will be. (Or maybe you like both! People have layers.) In any case, if you're looking for a fresh take on the shiny happy holiday season, look no further than these scary Christmas films.

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