In Less Than 15 Seconds, Glenn Close Got Bleeped & Taught Everyone “Da Butt”

People tuning into Sunday night's Oscars probably didn't have *this* on their Oscars Bingo Card. And by this, we mean Academy Award nominee Glenn Close swearing on live TV and teaching everyone how to do "Da Butt," all within the span of 15 seconds.
But that's exactly what happened.
In what was arguably the best moment of the night, Close — during a bit with DJ Questlove, who challenged the celeb audience to a little song trivia — proved that she surprisingly knows her stuff when it comes to guessing Academy Award nominated tunes.
Asking the audience to guess whether or not a particular song had been nominated for Best Original Song at awards past, Questlove played "Da Butt" by Experience Unlimited, quizzing Close on whether or not she knew the song at all. While initially skeptical, Close proved that she knows her stuff, promptly responding with, "Wait a second, I know, that's 'Da Butt'!" (Hard emphasis on "Da"), before rattling off some info about the song, as well as using some (bleeped) expletives to express her annoyance that the song hadn't been nominated for an Oscar. (And she wasn't the only one. Only seconds earlier, first time nominee Andra Day was also bleeped during the segment).
FYI, "Da Butt" is a song featured in the 1988 Spike Lee film School Daze.
As if that wasn't enough, Close then jumped up to dance to the song, doing Da Butt to cheers from other celebs who looked both thrilled and horrified.
Truly, icons only.

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