Trump & Biden’s Pre-Election Tweets Are Certainly Different. Let’s Compare!

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.
Photo: Heidi Gutman/ABC via Getty Images.
At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump's greatest (only?) accomplishment is being widely known as the Twitter President: When he’s not complimenting himself — leaving us all doomscrolling — he’s making false claims about how to cure a global virus, promoting white supremacy, and giving Democratic nominee Joe Biden some rather uninspiring nicknames. Biden on the other hand has a more, um, nuanced Twitter presence: He often encourages the American people to vote, lays out his policies should he win the 2020 election, and — wait for it — shares factual information from reputable sources. (To each their own, I guess.)
But in the final hours leading up to Tuesday’s presidential election, both candidates have taken to Twitter to make their final plea to voters. And if you follow Trump and Biden's respective tweets closely (or not), it's fairly easy to decipher which candidate is spewing nonsensical hatred and which is trying to become a president that will not lead us into another pandemic.
In the span of just a few hours on Monday, the day before the general election, Trump tweeted multiple times, jumping from one topic to the next without much semblance of a strategy. In a few choice tweets, Trump took tired digs at his opponent, saying “Biden was a pathetic laughing stock all over Washington for the horrible way he handled the H1N1 Swine Flu” and then tried to convince the country that he “PREPAID Millions of Dollars in FEDERAL INCOME TAXES!”
Biden, meanwhile, tweeted three times in the same hour, but the tone was...less unhinged. The former Vice President consistently laid out a plan for his presidency in tweets like “This is my commitment to you: We will make sure every American has access to a free and safe COVID-19 vaccine” and urged his followers to not only vote, but vote Trump out of the White House, saying, “We only get one opportunity to vote out Donald Trump — and we can’t leave anything to chance.”
So let's take a closer look at what Biden has to say:
Meanwhile, on Trump’s dumpster fire of a Twitter page:
So, what's at stake in this election? Just the choice between re-electing a president who has weaponized social media to the point where Americans feel disillusioned. Or, Joe Biden, who does not lie, acknowledges the pandemic, and isn't trying to actively promote white supremacy. Your choice.

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