Armie Hammer Gave Himself A Tiger King Haircut — & You Won’t Recognize Him

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock.
The warning signs were all there: a cryptic Instagram Story of a bathroom floor covered in hair with the caption “I’m fine”; a moment of early foreshadowing when, just two weeks ago, Elizabeth Chambers warned that her husband was “fully leaning into the character." Armie Hammer watched Tiger King and was forever changed.
First came the handlebar mustache, then the DIY fringed crop top, both of which Chambers teased on Instagram earlier this month. But only today did Hammer put each of the elements together and reveal his final Tiger King-inspired form to his 1.3 million Instagram followers, complete with a long-on-top, shaved-on-the-sides haircut that's practically begging to be bleached.
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Killing the game.

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While the cut isn't exactly a dead ringer for the full-on mullet Exotic has made his signature style, this look certainly feels very Maldonado-Passage-approved in aesthetic. That said, Hammer has yet to show off the full 360° view, which makes us wonder if there is, in fact, a party in the back that's just waiting to be seen.
"Killing the game," Hammer captioned the post, which is both 1) a good pun and 2) a not-so-gentle reminder that, while Joe Exotic is a style icon, he is still a guy who allegedly shot and killed at least five tigers. So what's next for the actor in his new life as a quarantined Joe Exotic impersonator? Maybe tomorrow he'll make his family some pizza using meat that fell off the back of a Walmart truck.

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