The Wildest, Funniest & Most WTF Tiger King Memes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
In Netflix’s documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, filmmaker Eric Goode explores the acres of Oklahoma’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Memorial Park. There, he falls into the twisted web of the zoo’s owner Joe Exotic, an animal enthusiast named Joe Exotic who relished the spotlight. Even behind bars due to the chaos that went down in Tiger King, Exotic is getting the recognition he deserved, just not quite the way he envisioned it — as a meme.
The 6-part docu-series takes viewers into the inner-workings of the world of exotic zoos, introducing us to the colourful but shiesty figures connected to the park. At the heart of it is Exotic (real name Joe Schreibvogel), who made his name as one of the most famous big cat owners in the United States. Exotic’s antic raised the ire of fellow big cat lover and proclaimed “conservationist” Carole Baskin, and she made it her personal agenda to take him down. Unfortunately for Baskin, Exotic was no one to play with; he hatched a plan to get his enemy off his back for good, offering local men thousands of dollars to kill her. 
Within days, Netflix fans found themselves fully immersed in the high stakes drama of Tiger King, and no one can blame them. The story includes a murder-for-hire plot, musical performances, and big cats. It’s the perfect storm of intrigue and insanity, making it excellent meme material.
As Tiger King fleshed out the near-fatal feud between Exotic and Baskin, viewers couldn’t help but point out the similarities between the enemies. They both loved big cats (like, almost to the point that it was creepy), and they were both willing to do anything to take each other out.
Even down to having a taste for murder — fans are convinced that Baskin is behind the disappearance of her multi-millionaire husband Jack Donald Lewis.
But most importantly, it seems that the internet is in agreement that Exotic's country music discography might actually...bang?
New memes will surely pop up as the true story behind the docu-series continues to develop — Exotic's reign as the tiger king is far from over.

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