Cats Crashed The Oscars

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
Some of us are still recovering from the nightmareish experience of seeing Cats, but that didn't stop James Corden and Rebel Wilson from digging out their cat skin costumes from the back of their closet for an Oscars appearance.
Standing side-by-side in their respective cat suits on the Academy Awards stage, Corden and Wilson finally admitted what movie-goers have been saying since the Tom Hopper film hit theatres this past Christmas — the special effects were hauntingly bad. The two comedic actors decided to (cat)nip all the jokes in the bud by mercilessly mocking their own film.
In full costume — except for the human hands, and Wilson's gold stilettos peeping out of the orange tabby cat fur — the actors said they appreciated really great special effects because they, presumably, have seen the downfall of it going awry. Then they both played with the standing mic as if it was a cat toy. The bit was part-self-deprecation, and part an insult to their actual special effects artist. I only hope they got the heads up and "no hard feelings" message before they watched the live award show.
Even though the cast of the movie, based on the popular Broadway play, did look, erm, memorable, the effects made the actors look more like furry humans than actual cats, which led many to mock the film. (It didn't help that is lost millions in its opening weekend, making it widely considered to be a flop. Sorry Taylor Swift.)

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