These Women Organized A Protest & Chanted Outside Of Harvey Weinstein’s Trial

Legal proceedings against Harvey Weinstein are now underway, and one group of women wanted to make it clear precisely what the disgraced film producer is standing trial for. On Friday, donning all black, protestors showed up at the New York City courthouse where Weinstein’s long-awaited criminal trial is taking place.
“It’s not my fault — not where I was, not how I dress,” the women chanted, as seen in video captured by Refinery29. “The rapist is you,” was another rallying cry. 
The flash mob was inspired by feminist Chilean group LasTesis and was intended to show support for and allyship with the women who have come forward against Weinstein, in addition to the millions of sexual assault survivors across the world.
Based out of Valparaíso, Chile, LasTesis wrote the song “Un Violador en Tu Camino (A Rapist in Your Path)” that quickly became a protest song for anti-sexual assault demonstrations everywhere, from New York City to Mexico to France.
Weinstein faces five counts of predatory sexual assault, criminal sex acts, and rape. He could potentially receive a life sentence if convicted of the predatory sexual assault charges. It’s also legally significant because the prosecution would be able to establish a history of predatory behaviour that goes beyond the two women in this specific case.
Before the trial began, prosecutors introduced a motion in a closed proceeding to include the testimony of three unnamed women who have accused Weinstein, which would be in addition to the two women named in the indictment. 
That was a critical development because while the most recent count of Weinstein’s accusers totals more than 80, a majority of those claims fall outside the statute of limitations.
Several women have chosen to sue Weinstein in civil courts to possibly reach a settlement and to avoid the media scrutiny that tends to come from these high-profile criminal cases. In addition to the charges in New York, Weinstein is currently facing multiple sex crimes charges in Los Angeles.

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