The Best Black Christmas Movies

Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.
Christmas is upon us, as evidenced by the department stores are covered in red and blaring holiday music. The Hallmark and Lifetime channels are in overdrive with a lineup of both recycled and new holiday romance programming. And the number of unread emails in the folder where you get discount updates for all your favourite online shops has doubled. But if we’re being honest, a lot of this holiday cheer is pretty...white. Let us never forget how comfortable Megyn Kelly was declaring that both Santa and Jesus, the guys whose birthday we’re supposed to be celebrating, were white.
But Black people have been known to put their own spin on Christmas, too. From soulful versions of Christmas carols — if you love yourself, download "Santa Hooked Me Up" by B2K immediately — to running jokes about our families on Twitter, we can do holiday spirit with the best of them. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mariah Carey, a Black woman, is considered the Queen of Christmas. And with his revamped line of dabbing Santa sweaters, I’m prepared to argue the case that 2 Chainz is the season's king.
There are also a ton of offerings for Black Christmas movies. Not all of them are explicitly marketed for the Christmas crowd, but they are still just as good. I’ve done the honour of aggregating some of the best ones for your consideration. Hopefully, this means that I have done my good deeds and will finally make someone’s "Nice" list.

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