Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" Performance Will Have You Screaming "Make Out Already"

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
No offense to whoever wins Best Picture, but the most anticipated moment of the 2019 Oscars has finally happened. After A Star Is Born won (and broke) the hearts of audiences all over, it was basically one big countdown until Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed the movie's signature song, "Shallow," at the Academy Awards. The two played Ally (Gaga) and Jackson (Cooper) in the film, and brought the magic of the fictional couple to life so well on Sunday night that fans would not have been surprised if they had an IRL Ally-Jackson moment on stage.
While they didn't do that — Cooper is married to model Irina Shayk — their performance was filled with moments so intimate that only one artform can capture them: GIFs.
First, there was Cooper leading Gaga up on stage like royalty as the piano and microphones were frantically assembled.
Cooper then kicked off the song with his verse, although it could have done with a tad more of Jackson's famously gravelly voice. Don't worry, though, because Lady Gaga did not disappoint, and Cooper was happy to cede the stage to the pop star.
Because she needs as much stage as possible for that famous "aaAAAaaaaAHhhh!!" moment.
However, perhaps the most heart wrenching part of the song was the end, when the two actors leaned into their characters and into each other. They gave us the romance we've been craving. The NOSES! Kiss already!
It wasn't just the people at home who were swept away by the performance. As Cooper and Gaga returned to their seats following the song, they received a standing ovation from the crowd.
"Shallow" went on to win Best Original Song and, with Gaga giving an emotional speech about determination.
"This is hard work...and it's not about winning...but about not giving up," she told the audience.
That applies to both the Oscars, and to listening to "Shallow" on repeat. Don't give up!

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