Jason Momoa's Haka Is Going To Take Over The Internet

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
On Wednesday, Jason Momoa took to the red carpet at his DC Comics movie premiere to lead a haka, a ritualistic dance.
Along with other cast members such as Temuera Morrison, Momoa and his comic book character's iconic trident (which was soon snapped in half) performed a spirited dance for an excited crowd.
What is haka? The traditional ceremonial dance comes from New Zealand's Māori culture. The stomping, posturing performance is associated with wartime rituals, but it's no longer exclusively dedicated to such. It is also used to welcome guests, and performed at special occasions — in this case, the premiere of Aquaman.
Haka has also been utilized within the sports world; New Zealand's rugby team All Blacks perform haka as a pre-game ritual and a few other teams have adopted it. It's worth noting that use of haka within the competitive sports world is controversial, as it often ignores the complex history associated with both the Māori and the ritual.
Momoa himself is reportedly of Hawaiian heritage on his father's side. (Hawaii is part of the Polynesian triangle, along with New Zealand and Easter Island.) His co-star Morrison, who performed the dance alongside Momoa, is from New Zealand.
Fans were, umm, thrilled by the dance... if these memes are any indication.
Turns out, Momoa didn't even need a magical trident to break the internet — just some dance moves.

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