Lindsay Lohan Is In Life-Size 2… Sort Of

Photo: ABC Photo Archives/ABC/Getty Images.
Ever since it was announced that Life-Size 2 would head to television with Tyra Banks reprising her role as Barbie-esque doll Eve, fans wondered if Lindsay Lohan would also return to the small screen as well. After all, Lohan’s Casey — a football star and snarky pre-teen — was just as much the star of 2000’s Life-Size as her humanized doll, who came to life to help Casey move on from the loss of her mom.
So — has Lohan left Mykonos for Eve's home of Sunnyvale? Not exactly, but her presence is certainly felt in the Freeform Christmas sequel.
In May of 2017, Banks (who is also a producer on the project) revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Lohan was hoping to return for the sequel.
"I am having conversations with Ms. Lohan," Banks told ET. "I want her to come back and I think that she does too. Actually, I know she does. So I really hope that she can be in it."
Though Lohan ultimately did not join the sequel, her character Casey is a big part of the action.
In the film, 20-something toy company CEO Gracie (Francia Raisa) has her issues of her own. She summons the Eve doll via spellbook, just as Casey inadvertently did in the first film, bringing Eve to life.
In that spellbook, there is a note from Casey as well as a photograph of Casey in her football uniform. Casey writes about how Eve completely changed her life. Casey hopes that maybe Eve can change another girl’s life too — which the doll does with Gracie.
It’s not the only Casey shout-out in the film. Towards the end of the movie, Eve takes the stage at Gracie's toy company's shareholders meeting and shows off the newly-designed Quarterback Eve. Eve reveals to the crowd that she created this version of the doll because of her old pal Casey’s love of the sport.
We may not have seen a 2018 Lohan's "100-watt smile" in the new Life-Size, but at least fans of the original film can rest easy knowing Eve has not forgotten her old pal, Casey.

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