The Movie Seduction Scenes You’ll Want to Copy

Rarely do real-life seductions proceed as smoothly as they do on film. In movies, characters are brave enough to roll out bold lines of dialogue at just the right time, and don’t choke on their words. They understand each other’s sexual innuendos perfectly. They leap into hot tubs or casually make cocktails, confident the object of their affections will succumb eventually.
As anyone who’s tried (and failed) to communicate their burning desire in a single glance can attest, real-life seductions are more fraught with miscommunication. So, that’s why we go to the movies, where we can see the verbal and physical prelude to sex acted out smoothly and playfully.
Seduction scenes are even more important than the NSFW parts that follow. We see characters falling towards each other — sometimes reluctantly, sometimes eagerly. We see the entire spectrum of power dynamics at work. We see where human psychology meets desire.
While we can't guarantee your next seduction attempt will be as smooth as Mrs. Robinson's was in The Graduate, studying these is a good place to start.

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