Have Fun This Halloween. Be A Female Villain.

The most exciting Halloween costumes are more than just clothes on a body. The best ones come with a personality attached. When you put on your costume, you slip into an attitude. For a day, you get to look different — and act different, too.
Halloween offers us ethical, morally striving folks the tremendous opportunity to be really, really bad for a day. The consensus among actors is that playing villains is a far more exhilarating experience than playing a hero. In the wise words of Charlie Hunnam, "It's generally more fun to play the villain." Villains are complicated, wounded, intelligent. They have elaborate costumes. They give deadly glares. Most importantly, they stick in the memory. We don't remember what they wear — we remember who they are.
The women villains on this list all transgress boundaries of femininity in often abhorrent, and always interesting, ways. The quickest way to have an excellent Halloween? Be a villain.

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