My One-Bedroom Costs $2,600 A Month — & Here's What It Looks Like

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial city dwellers. Today, Refinery29 staffer Diana Cenat invites us into her one-bedroom apartment in Prospect Heights, which she shares with her husband for $2600 a month.

Born and raised in New York City, Cenat lived at home until she was 28. "I’m Haitian so a lot of times you live at home until you’re married," Cenat says. "It’s a cultural thing. So I lived at home up until I was 28 or so, and then I moved into my first apartment."

Since then, she's jumped around to multiple apartments — all in Brooklyn — before settling down in this utilitarian one-bedroom.

Watch Diana give a tour of her sweet digs, then click ahead to shop a few similar home buys and read about her decorating strategy.
How many times have you moved?
"I've moved a lot. I’ve moved four or five times in the last four years, but I’ve been really lucky with apartments. I first moved in with my best friend, and that was pretty big. Then, I moved across the street from our current place, and that was probably the best apartment ever. It was a 4-bedroom apartment, and everyone had their own bathroom. Because my bedroom was off the living room and kitchen, it felt like I had my own apartment when no one else was home. Plus I only paid $850 in rent. That was a steal for New York."

Would you ever move out of New York City?
"New York City is a solace for me. It's home. If I didn't live in New York, I'd probably live in Europe, but the idea of me having to get on a plane to see my parents is really strange. I don’t think I could ever not be grateful for how close they are. I go to Queens to see my parents a lot, and it’s super convenient because the Long Island Railroad stops at Atlantic Terminal."

Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk, $435, available at Fully.
Where do you shop for home stuff?
"Anywhere, everywhere. I buy a lot of stuff from Ikea. I don’t really go on furniture websites unless we need something. The art is the biggest thing. I follow a bunch of people on Instagram, and if they put something out that I like — I'll save it. Or if Pottery Barn puts out a Harry Potter set, which they just did... and it's Pottery Barn Kids, too, so it's cheaper."

GJÖRA bed frame, $359, available at Ikea.
You do have a fair amount of art on your walls. Where do you find it all?
"I’m very into art in general, and I’m into things that convey feelings and moods. I love a white wall, but a bare white wall? I’m just like, let’s put something on that. Make it more fun. I love following artists on Instagram, and I have friends who make things, too, like my friend Molly who made the Periodic Table Of NYC Trash. Some Instagram artists I love are @tactilematter, @eliserpeterson, and @mekdeezy. @Faygirlfay is my friend who painted the portrait of my mom."

Periodic Table Of NYC Trash, $40, available at Uncommon Goods.
How much of the decor is yours and how much is your husband's?
"Maybe 50/50? Or maybe 60/40? Bill is very into comic books, so there’s a lot of that on the walls. There's a piece in the bedroom from Saga, this comic book that we both read. But I fill in the spaces. I get a lot of prints and books from museum exhibits too, like the Basquiat from the Brooklyn Museum exhibit."

Do you have discussions about whose art goes where?
"Yeah, we have had that conversation. Like, Oh man, we can’t put that Decemberists poster next to this Decemberists poster, come on, we have to break it up. And we’ll get a new piece and Bill will say, No you don’t need to buy that. We don’t have enough room for it. But I make room for it, and we move it around until we find the perfect spot for it."

The Decemberists poster, $30, available at
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