4 Things We Can't Get Over In The Americans Trailer

The Americans' return on March 7 means spring TV season is officially getting underway. And the season five trailer, which was released Tuesday, only makes that wait more torturous.

In a single, solitary minute, the sneak preview gives fans just enough to start speculating about the new season. Here are the four things we can't get over:

1) Paige basically becoming a spy.

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and after a life of observing her parents secrets, Paige seems ready to give the undercover life a stab — literally. We get a few shots of the spy-in-training learning how to punch and fight like her mother. This is supposedly to help her feel safe from her nightmares, but something tells us these moves are going to come in handy in other ways, as well.

2) Paige's developing relationship with Matthew.

Speaking of Paige, who ended the last season on a uncertain note after kissing Matthew, the teen seems to still be on the romantic warpath. She is spotted not once but twice in the trailer spending more time with the FBI agent's son, including a couch make-out session. As Philip told her in the finale, Paige has "no idea" what she's getting herself into, and neither do we.

3) The body in the trunk.

Not only do we watch Elizabeth drop a body into the trunk of a car, we also see the spy and her husband standing over a grave. Murder is to be expected in a show so dark, but what about these deaths is so significant that they appear in the trailer?

4) The variety of wigs.
If there's one thing The Americans has taught us, it's that spies need ready access to wigs at all times. I saw three in this trailer alone, and you better believe I'll be keeping a count all season long.

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