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Next Time You Wear An Oversized Sweater, Use The One-Hand Tuck

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These days, oversized sweaters are everywhere. It's freezing out! Of course you want to wear the biggest, heaviest sweater you can find. But, the main reason you love oversized sweaters is also its biggest drawback. Feeling as cozy as a soup dumpling is one thing, but looking like one is a whole different story.

As far as fashion solutions go, the most effective way to give anything some shape is to show off your hips or waist. That means, you've got to tuck it in. But, the better the oversized sweater, the bigger a beast that thing is to tuck, and for anyone who's stared at themselves in the mirror with an inner tube of merino wool hidden in the waistband of their pants, you know the struggle is real.

The answer? The tried-and-true one-palm tuck. Using just the width of your hand, you tuck in a tiny portion of the sweater and fan on the sides to create a semi-train. Any more, and things start getting bulky. Any less, and your sweater won't stay in place. It's a styling trick employed in every single fashion office around the world, and for good reason: It's easy and flattering, and so intuitive, we wonder why we still see people walking around with confusing sweater-tuck situations. Need a nudge in the right? Watch our video above, and let us know if it's something you already do, too. 

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How To Tuck In Sweaters- One Hand MethodReleased on February 25, 2015