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The Secret To Making Your Own Cut-Offs Is About Mastering The Crotch Move

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Embarking on a DIY project can be a little intimidating... One false snip or glue-gun slip and you've got a holey tank top or irreparably bedazzled tote bag on your hands. That's why we're all about this at-home denim hack that promises an easily achieved happy ending: perfect jean cutoffs, sans confusion or wonky hemlines.

Above, watch fashion features director Connie Wang craft custom daisy dukes out of a classic pair of jeans from Simon Premium Outlets. Spoiler alert: All it takes is a foolproof, three-step approach — talk about our kind of DIY.

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Sometimes it seems like nothing in our closet is quite right, but these styling tricks will help you figure out new ways to wear your clothes. These tips will keep you from saying "I have nothing to wear" ever again.

How To DIY Denim Shorts - Jean Cutoffs TutorialReleased on August 26, 2015