The $8 Eyeliner People Keep Stealing Out Of Our Beauty Closet

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
It's not every day our fashion and beauty teams fight over a mailing of 14 drugstore eyeliners. Tom Ford lipsticks? Sure. A collection of new NARS foundations? Of course. But a multi-colored set of crayons that cost less than a movie ticket? Unlikely.
The liners are from C'est Moi — and if you've never heard of that brand before, remember the name because it will be everywhere soon. It just hit Target with a selection of makeup unlike anything else I've seen at the drugstore. The brightly-colored blushes, lipsticks, and palettes are housed in clean, white packaging perfect for an Instagram flat lay. (No surprise that the brand had Gen Z and millennial consumers in mind.) But it's the 14-piece eyeshadow crayons — ranging from matte white to tangerine, baby blue, pale yellow, and lilac — that really had our office buzzing.
These colors may not seem like the easiest to pull off, but after a few days of testing, they've quickly become the go-to items in many of our editor's makeup bags. Why? Because despite the bold shades, they're ridiculously easy to work with. Keep scrolling to see the crayons in action, ahead.
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"I usually don't wear eye makeup because I don't feel like I have a lot of lid space to work with, but these pencils make it really easy because you can draw a thick or thin line in just a couple of seconds. Plus, the payoff is amazing and it doesn't slide around or transfer on my oily lids.

"I have the green, blue, red, yellow, and white pencils, but I think the green one is my favorite. Honestly, I'd never worn green liner before, but I just gravitated toward it. It makes me look artsy, sophisticated, and chic — kind of like an art teacher without looking like an art project." — Channing Hargrove, Fashion News Writer
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"These pencils are great for anyone who wants to experiment on a budget. They're so bright and malleable that you can do pretty much anything with them, whether you want to wear them all over your lid or just on your lashline. I love that you don't need to invest in a whole palette to get the colors you want. Honestly, I've never found an orange shadow or liner that I actually wanted to wear until this one." — Sam Sasso, Beauty Writer
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"I love how easy it is to use these pencils, especially for an eye makeup beginner like myself. I rarely put anything on my lids but one brown shadow, but with these pencils I've branched out and played with colors like white, green, and pink. I'm kind of obsessed with it. It's the perfect look for anyone who isn't very talented with makeup but wants something extra on their eyes." — Nana Agyemang, Associate Content Strategy Editor
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"Recently, I've been feeling a tad bit more adventurous when it comes to my makeup routine. Normally, I prefer sticking to black or brown eyeliner,but these colored pencils are to die for. The formula is creamy and pigmented — plus, I love that I can use them to fill in my entire lid on days when powder eyeshadow just takes too much effort. A lazy-girl must-have indeed." — Brianna Arps, Branded Editorial Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor
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"I've worn almost every shade from this line of crayons, but my favorites are definitely the tangerine, yellow, and baby blue hues. I normally wear them on my lids solo, but today I decided to etch the pale blue shade across my lid with the help of some defining matte eyeshadow. Even without primer this stuff manages to cling to my lids until evening." — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer