The Insta Account Highlighting The Fashion In Our Favourite Music Videos

Photo: Via Beyonce/Youtube
Our latest Instagram obsession? Runway To Music Video, an account highlighting all the best designer pieces worn in music videos, from the of-the-moment to the iconic. Run by Mario Dodovski, a 24-year-old fashion enthusiast living in Skopje, Macedonia, the account brings together our two passions – beautiful fashion and music we listen to again and again – in one aesthetically pleasing post.
Incidentally, Mario doesn't work in either industry; he's a technical writer for a large international company that develops scanning solutions for the dental industry. So how did the account come about? "I've always had a huge interest in fashion and music, but I happened to combine both when I saw Gwen Stefani wearing one of those Dolce & Gabbana hand-painted gowns from SS08," he tells Refinery29. "I was mesmerized."
Arguably, Runway To Music Video has been in the works for a long time. "As a kid I used to spend more hours than I’d like to admit looking at photos of fashion shows, and managed to archive a lot of looks in my memory that still come in handy," Mario explains. "Wanting to share my passion with more like-minded people, in 2012 I started a thread on a forum dedicated to catwalk items in music videos that proved to be beloved among members, and so creating this Instagram account in the age of social media seemed like the next logical step to reach a wider audience." Fast-forward to May 2018, and his 'digital museum' was born.
The pieces worn by musicians in their videos tend to be overlooked in favour of the overall aesthetic of the video, even at award ceremonies entirely dedicated to the art, like the VMAs. Why is this? "I think most record label executives still fear that the fashion aspect of the video will overpower the music, or that the artist will become too closely associated with a certain brand, so they often avoid publicly crediting the stylists and designers involved in making the visuals," Mario says. "Thankfully with the internet and social media, proper crediting is becoming less and less of an issue."
For him, Kylie Minogue is the star who gets it right every time. "She always wears that one extraordinary piece that later becomes as iconic as the video itself. Take 'Slow' for example, where she dons a Balenciaga dress from the SS03 collection throughout the entire video. Everyone remembers that dress."
Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" is the era-defining video of the last decade for Mario. "What she did with that song and video was nothing short of reinventing pop culture at the start of the new decade. Her look was fresh and the Alexander McQueen costumes she wore throughout were the perfect tribute to an era in fashion that had sadly just ended."
Click through to spot the best pieces worn by your favourite stars in their most mesmerizing videos, side by side.

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