Piers Morgan Blames The “Woke Mob” For Being Fired — Not His Racist Comments

Photo: MWE/GC Images.
In an interview that absolutely no one asked for, Piers Morgan spoke with Tucker Carlson for over an hour about how it was the “woke mob” that forced him to leave Good Morning Britain in early March and not his racist comments and unsettling obsession with tearing down Meghan Markle.
“Now, is she deliberately lying? Is she completely delusional? I don’t know, but frankly, I don’t care,” Morgan — who clearly cares — said of Markle in the beginning of the interview, which aired on Tucker Carlson Today, the host’s new show on the Fox Nation streaming app. 
“Well, I’ll tell you, it’s very interesting, because if you believe Twitter,” Morgan continued, “I got my comeuppance rightly and deservedly. You know, the woke mob, their court had met. I’d been convicted summarily. Meghan Markle had complained to my boss, complained to the government regulator, and I was gone for not apologizing for disbelieving her.” Carlson supported Morgan’s spin on the story by framing Morgan as the victim of a “scam” concocted by those in power to silence dissenting opinions.
Throughout the interview, Morgan repeatedly accused Markle of implying that Queen Elizabeth II is racist. For context, Markle never accused the Queen in her interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. After the interview, Prince Harry confirmed that the Queen was not the unnamed member of the royal family who had expressed concerns over the skin colour of their child, Archie, before his birth. But that didn’t stop Morgan from calling the couple's remarks an “appalling smearing of the Queen.”
Since walking off the set of Good Morning Britain last month, Morgan has argued that his freedom of speech was impinged upon. Taking advantage of his opportunity to be labeled the victim rather than examine his own actions, Morgan said it was “terrifying” that “people feel so cowed by the fear of the woke mob that they can’t express an honestly held opinion without being immediately branded a racist.” He followed this up by reiterating his grievances with Markle, which all seem to stem from the fact that she “ghosted” him after grabbing a drink in London several years ago.
Later in the interview, Morgan said that he shouldn’t have walked off the set of Good Morning Britain after co-host Alex Beresford called him out for obsessing over Markle. “I understand that you’ve got a personal relationship with Meghan Markle, or had one, and she cut you off... Has she said anything about you since she cut you off? I don’t think she has, and yet you continue to trash her,” Beresford said on air at the time.
According to Morgan, he walked off the set for only a few minutes. “Then I realized, This is stupid,” explained Morgan. “I shouldn’t have walked off. You know, you should always be able to have a debate. I was angry in the moment that he was trying to personalize this, make it some personal vendetta I have with Meghan Markle, which I don’t.” 
But, just a reminder: This is coming from the man who, earlier in this same interview, took time to reiterate his criticisms of Markle that he frequently shares whenever given the chance, after — just to drive this point home — she got a drink with him and then didn’t, for whatever reason, want to continue a relationship with him in a way that he desired. He has disparaged her whenever given the chance on the air in front of millions ever since.
Somehow, taking over an hour to speak at length about how he’s not obsessed with Markle didn’t come off with the breezy, nonchalant tone Morgan thought it would. We wonder why.

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