Chris Hemsworth Is A Very Manly Man In Man Movie

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Chris Hemsworth's biceps alone are a walking reminder that he could probably destroy anything in his path if he wanted to, but his new movie Extraction proves it. The famous Australian brother takes the starring role in the dramatic Netflix thriller as Tyler Rake, a man hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned drug lord. In between the gunfire and explosions, though, a bond of friendship is formed between the pair — which proves tricky when Tyler is advised to abandon the dangerous mission and come back alone.
Rudhraksh Jaiswal plays Ovi, the young boy rescued by Hemsworth. Extraction marks his first major American role, and who better than Chris Hemsworth to be your mentor? As soon as Ovi is rescued, however, the city goes on lockdown (familiar), making their escape "fucked," according to Golshifteh Farahani's character. While Tyler's agency can guarantee his rescue alone, in the words of co-star David Harbour, Ovi is basically "a walking corpse."
Extraction comes to Netflix by way of Marvel stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, whose experience on films like The Hunger Games, Captain America, and Avengers paved the way for his full-length directorial debut — hence all the jumps and explosions in the trailer. The film is also produced by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo.
The release kicks off an exhausting few years for Hemsworth, who will be starring as Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder and Hulk Hogan in an untitled biopic.
Extraction lands on Netflix April 24. Watch the trailer below.

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