Ganni Wants You To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing At Home

Photo: Courtesy of Ganni.
Yesterday, Ganni launched an initiative called HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, a global creative competition meant to encourage everyone in self-quarantine to keep the creative spirit alive during the trying times ahead. 
Here’s how it works: Anyone who wants to get involved will first need to create something connected to the theme of “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS,” which will then be submitted online. Submissions should include one to two original images or artworks that you’ve created. It can be a still life, a portrait, or a collage — whatever you want, as long as it fits the theme. The only real rule is that the submitted work is unpublished. Once submitted, a team of judges from Ganni, including the brand’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup, will judge all the submissions and choose the best of the best. 
“We are in this together, even though we are separated,” Reffstrup says in the press release. “This is my way to reach out to the community and hopefully inspire positive creativity and unity.” 
Both the winner and the runner-up of the competition will be featured at Ganni’s KIOSK exhibition and shop which will be open during spring ‘21 Copenhagen Fashion Week in August. The winner will also receive a €5,000 (roughly $7,800 CAD) gift card to Ganni, while the runner up will be given a gift card worth €1,500, or $2,300 CAD. 
Photo Courtesy of Ganni.
Mikkel Friis Ovesen, PR Coordinator.
Photo Courtesy of Ganni.
Alfred Bahmsen, Creative Projects.
Not surprisingly, the HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS campaign isn’t the first inventive agenda that Ganni’s released since lockdowns began in Copenhagen on March 11th. On the 18th, the brand quietly released a capsule collection of “March Specials,” which the brand named “Cosmic World.” In the 13-piece collection, you’ll find Ganni’s iconic cowboy boots, this time in a bright cherry red, as well as a slew of dresses, blouses, skirts, and shorts, each silhouette dreamier than the next. The brand’s in-house team, made up of 15 employees from all over the world, also took it upon themselves to share what they’ve been wearing while working from home. And as any fan of Ganni could’ve guessed, the outfits are damn good. 
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS by heading over to Ganni’s site today. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to buy up the entire “Cosmic World” collection with your prize earnings.

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