The Stars Of Knives Out & Narcos Are Ill-Fated Lovers In New Netflix Political Thriller

Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images.
Thanks to the success of the comedic mystery film Knives Out, Ana de Armas has solidified herself as a power player on the Hollywood scene. The Cuban-Spanish actress will be following up her Golden Globe-nominated role with another performance in the upcoming Netflix film Sergio.
The movie tells the real-life story of the famed Sergio Viera de Mello. After making a name for himself with a storied career, the world-famous United Nations diplomat, blissfully prepares for a new chapter: a life with the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, when he is called to Baghdad to broker peace in post-war Iraq, our hero's new journey takes a dangerous detour into the direct line of fire.
De Mello was one of the world's most respected diplomats, praised widely for his dedication to the UN's humanitarian efforts. His career spanned over 30 years, taking him to some of the most dangerous zones of conflict; from the landmines of Cambodia in the 1990s to the hostage situation of the 2000 Fijian coup d'état — if there was conflict, De Mello was there.
Unfortunately, the diplomat's life was cut short in 2003 when he was killed in the Canal Hotel bombing at the hands of terrorist group al-Qaeda. He was posthumously rewarded with  United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in 2003.
Actor Wagner Moura will play the titular character Sergio Vieira de Mello. You may recognize Moura from Netflix's popular crime drama Narcos. For the first two seasons of the show, he portrayed Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug lord and leader of the famed Medellín Cartel. Sergio marks his third project since wrapping Narcos; he's starred in films such as Marighella and Wasp Network in the meantime.
De Armas will star as de Mello's love interest Carolina, a devoted and determined woman who pushes the humanitarian to follow his heart. When Baghdad's UN headquarters are decimated in a bombing, and de Mello is buried, Carolina leads the efforts to rescue him.
Sergio will be available in select theaters and on Netflix on April 17. Check out the trailer for the heart-racing biopic below.

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