Where All Your Favourite 2019 Hallmark Christmas Movies Were Actually Filmed

Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark.
I hate to break it to you but Hallmark's Christmas movies are in production all year long, which means some of them are filmed when it's actually really warm out. They're also not often filmed where they say they are. Devastating, I know. You're definitely watching Hallmark movies for the realism.
The Hallmark Christmas movie filming locations in 2019 are overwhelmingly in Canada — even when the movie takes place in Vermont, Virginia, or even Utah. However, there are some movies that take place where they actually filmed. For example, the production on Christmas In Rome really did travel to Rome. Although don't get us started on where Christmas In Montana actually shot its scenes. (See: not Montana.)
Movie productions usually film where it's cheapest, and that's where towns will give good tax incentives. There's a reason that so many shows and movies film in Atlanta — it's just relatively inexpensive. The same can apparently be said for Canada. Eligible film productions can get a fully refundable tax credit of 25 percent when the movie shoots take place in the country. And, it doesn't hurt that Canada has some pretty chilly and long winters. That helps when you're shooting a Christmas movie in, say, March or April.
To see which Hallmark faves from this year shot in Canada (or, shockingly, in the place where the story was actually set), keep reading.

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