Lena Waithe Reveals Surprise Marriage To Longtime Girlfriend Alana Mayo

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
Lena Waithe has more to celebrate than the premiere of her film Queen & Slim — which, by the way, is extremely worth celebrating. But also, during an appearance on Ellen, guest-host John Legend called her out on a secret: she just got married.
Waithe and girlfriend Alana Mayo got engaged in November 2017 and decided to make it official recently without, I guess, inviting us?
"We snuck and did it, you know. We didn’t really make any announcements or a big … you know,” she told Legend, which is understandable. Plus, chill and easy seems to be the name of the game when it comes to their relationship.
“We went to the courthouse and got married right in front of Harvey Milk’s bust,” Waithe continued. “It was her idea — like all good things are — and she was just driving and she saw the courthouse and she said, ‘We should get married there,’ and I said, ‘Cool, I’m down.’"
The wedding wasn't just a personal milestone for Waithe. She told Legend it was also a reminder of the progress we've made with LGBTQ+ rights.
“It was a humbling day, you know, to marry someone so amazing, but also to really appreciate all the work that so many people have put in for us to be able to do that,” she said. “Everybody should be able to do that.”
While the wedding may have been secret, the two aren't shy about their relationship on social media. Maya has gushed that Waithe is everything from "the best date in the house" to making her "so incredibly, abundantly, ecstatically, gratefully, happy" on Instagram.
Watch the full reveal below.

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