Robert Pattinson & Jennifer Lopez Bonded Over Strippers & Mermaid Sex

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
In today’s “Things I Didn’t Think Would Ever Happen But Am Eternally Grateful To Have Witnessed” news, Variety released its latest edition of Variety Studio: Actors on Actors,” featuring Jennifer Lopez and Robert Pattinson. The film stars sat down to share tales about channeling their dark side in the most recent additions to their respective filmographies, Hustlers and The Lighthouse.
As it turns out, Pattinson has a lot in common with the pop star. Both actors had to push themselves out of their comfort zones to really bring their eccentric characters to life.
In the freaky and totally bizarre psychological horror film The Lighthouse, Pattinson plays Ephraim Winslow, a rookie wickie who works under the watchful eye of a seasoned lighthouse keeper (Willem Dafoe). Without spoiling the film, things quickly go from strange to downright terrifying — the story's sinister nature (even that scene with the mermaid) was what enticed him into taking the role in the first place.
"I love finding something where I have absolutely no idea how to do it. I don’t approach parts if there’s something relatable," Pattinson told Lopez. "If I was going after parts which seem somehow relatable to my real self, I would be consistently playing chronically insecure losers."
Having to tap into her inner baddie to play Ramona, the morally-questionable ringleader in Hustlers, Lopez related completely. "When I first saw [Hustlers], I was sick to my stomach," she said. "I was like, 'Oh, my God, what are they doing!'" To refresh your memory, Ramona and her group of plucky exotic dancers hatch a million dollar scheme involving drugs and credit card fraud to scam their rich Wall Street clientele.
Next, Pattinson will don a mask in The Batman as the caped crusader of Gotham, and Lopez is working on her joint Super Bowl performance with Shakira. And their paths may cross in the future; Lopez has her eye on Pattinson's role as the DC Universe's most famous hero. "I could be Batman. Why not?" the triple threat joked. "I think as an actor, it would be fun to explore."
Yet another thing I'd love to witness.

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