This Detail About Taylor Swift's Cats Movie-Musical Is Insane

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
Uh oh, Cats is going to win an Oscar. At least, that's my prediction after hearing these brand-new details from those in the audience at at CinemaCon in Las Vegas where Universal presented a behind-the-scenes look at the musical adaptation — our first chance to get new info since the cast was gradually announced back in 2018. Taylor Swift is starring in the film alongside Jennifer Hudson and Idris Elba, but what's most important is that you know the characters in the movie will be portrayed as the size of actual house cats. Yes. A good sentence.
Rather than the human-shaped cats in the Broadway musical (that, admittedly, were surrounded by large furniture, but that part isn't as memorable as the humans in cat costumes), the cast of Cats the movie will be shrunk down to cat size through the help of CGI, motion capture, and big-ass chairs and doors to give the illusion that Swift and Elba are tiny kitties scurrying around, according to those in the audience for the presentation. I, for one, love it.
The behind-the-scenes video, which we can only pray is one day made public, also apparently included more incredible intel.
"No trailer for CATS, but a behind-the-scenes clip -- including Idris Elba talking about looking at the world through 'the cat perspective' and Taylor Swift mouthing "meow" -- proves that this is a very real thing we should all be prepared to reckon with," tweeted Barry Hertz, Deputy Arts Editor/Film Editor at The Globe And Mail.
While I believe this will be a work of art that I will watch with rapt attention at my earliest convenience on an airplane, Twitter is understandably going a little wild with the information.
But, admit it — now you definitely want to see it. Cats will hit theatres in all its creepy glory December 20, 2019.

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