Tim Burton's Dumbo Introduces An Entirely New Cast Of Characters

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Director Tim Burton is putting a twist on the revered 1941 Walt Disney Productions film Dumbo with a new cast for a 2019 audience. At its core, the heartfelt movie is still about an adorable elephant who is mocked for his oversized ears until he uses them to fly. But, like he did with his adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, Burton’s version puts his creative stamp on Dumbo by adding a new group of bizarre characters that don’t appear in the original film.
Considering Burton’s reputation as a risk-taking director, it shouldn’t be surprising he made some changes to Dumbo. In fact, Burton was almost forced to add more to the story since the 1941 version of Dumbo is one of Disney’s shortest animated features with a running time of only 64 minutes. In the original film, the character with the most dialogue is Timothy Q. Mouse who is Dumbo’s closest friend and biggest supporter. But, based on the trailer, it seems like Burton came up with human characters that will champion Dumbo’s success (and some who try to exploit it). Check out the multiple well-known stars appearing in the movie and a little about their brand new characters.

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