10 Books You'll Want To Curl Up With This Winter

You know the Twitter meme “Yeah sex is cool but…” Here’s mine: Yeah, sex is cool but have you ever cancelled plans in the dead of winter to curl up with a good book under a big blanket to be transported to a world where it doesn’t matter that it’s minus 30 outside and your friends are going to be pissed that you bailed, again? Did I do that right? There are so many great books to read this season, I may not leave my house until Spring. Consider this my official “no” RSVP.
These are the books that will be your friends while your other ones are braving the bitter cold. These are the books that will make you want to think hard, fall in love, laugh until it hurts, cry until you feel better as you shake off those winter blues. Here are our picks for the must-read books this winter.

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