Twitter Heroes Perfectly Mash Up Jersey Shore With Iconic Movies

A great meme is like a fine wine: Eventually, they turn to vinegar.

One day you're drawing a comic about a frog that pulls its pants down to pee. The next, Hillary Clinton is writing about how the frog is a Nazi. So we're presenting you with this meme at the perfect point in it's aging cycle: Before all the normies find out and ruin it for everybody.

A group of Twitter users are mashing up iconic reality TV series Jersey Shore with classic movies and it's pretty good.

As a brief aside, the Jersey Shore was truly a remnant of a different time. True, it sucked after the first season, but it was a true monocultural moment. Everyone had an opinion about Pauly D, or The Situation, or Snookie. Now they're doing whatever it is reality stars to after they've been put out to stud. That used to mean making club tours to shrinking audiences and making ridiculous music videos. Now, it means holding our nation's highest office.

On to the memes.

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