Here's How You Can Tell If A Mr. Robot Character Is Going To Die

Mr. Robot is a show that never seems to tip its hand. We didn’t see the ending of the most recent episode coming, but it’s possible that we should have. That’s thanks to eagle-eyed redditor Iachsmith, who noticed something very peculiar about character deaths in the new season.

See if you notice the commonality between these three images.

You probably noticed the red Chinese lantern motif. Not only that, but Joanna Wellick’s lullaby is a common one in Danish called “The Sun Is So Red, Mother.” Wheels within wheels.

That’s interesting because of the significance that red plays in Chinese funeral culture. Based on our research, red is traditionally seen as good luck; money is often given in red envelopes or packages. When a family member dies, all statues of gods must traditionally be covered in red paper. People don’t wear red during the wake — it’s traditionally considered a color of happiness or good luck — and the deceased isn’t allowed to wear red lest they return as a ghost. A final gift, a piece of red string, may be given for attendees to tie around the doorknobs of their homes in order to ward off evil spirits.

So it’s possible that series creator Sam Esmail is playing with our ideas of good luck, or perhaps signalling that these deceased will haunt the characters in episodes to come.

Whatever the case, if you see red lanterns, prepare yourself for a death.


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