We Kind Of Hate Lorelai & Other Gilmore Girls Confessions

Gilmore Girls is finally, finally coming back. The November 25 release date has left fans with a lot of questions. Will the American economy be able to bounce back if no one leaves the house on Black Friday? When we all live-tweet the release, what hashtag should we use? And perhaps one question none of us want to face: Is the show as good as we remember?

To get a little insight, my coworker Ally and I watched "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" (season 3, episode 9). Rory had just broken up with Dean (and gotten together with Jess), Lorelai wasn't in a good place with her parents, and before Seth Cohen left the show, he and Lane were being adorable. Here, we recount the aspects of the show that still totally hold up, and those that don't. (The Y2K technology is pretty amusing. The lack of diversity? Less so.)

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