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How To Tie Your Gladiator Sandals So They Actually Stay Up

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This story was originally published August 26, 2015.
Whether you're all about the return of the gladiator or you'd rather eat paste than embrace the trend, we can all agree that these sandals are not the easiest thing to wear. Lacing them too tightly can cut off circulation; lace them too loose, and they unravel nearly immediately. (If we could count the number of times we've sent a shoe flying across the pavement, laces fluttering in the air...) Many gladiator sandals come with a zipper along the back to prevent this problem, but most local, handmade versions are just soles and laces. If centuries' worth of humans have been wearing these without much struggle, you should be able to, too. Above, we're showing off two tying techniques to keep the sandals from falling down your legs — or, conversely, stopping blood flow to your feet. Here's the trick to keeping it up without tripping up.
Once you get this trick down pat, you're ready to dip your toes into this tied-up trend. We recommend sticking to neutral colors that feel polished and versatile enough to go with all of your summer outfits. No matter your budget, there's an option out there ready to join your wardrobe. Say so long to your flip flops — you're in next-level sandal territory now. Shop our gladiator picks below.

Ash Flat Gladiator Sandals, $182.88, available at Farfetch.
Forever21 Faux Leather Gladiator Sandals, $19.90, available at Forever21.
Stuart Weitzman Nieta Sandal, $335, available at Stuart Weitzman.

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How To Wear Gladiator SandalsReleased on August 26, 2015