How To Dress Like Every Taylor Swift In "Look What You Made Me Do"

Taylor Swift contains multitudes. Over the course of her 12-year career, we’ve seen her evolve from a curly-haired, acoustic guitar-strumming dreamer, to a steely woman ready to defend her “reputation” to a world of haters. We can break down her eras into distinct costumes — the T-shirt wearing Taylor of “You Belong With Me” to the Swan Lake Ballerina Taylor of “Shake it Off.” With the release of “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift marks the beginning of a new era, and creates a lot of costumes we can copy this Halloween.
In the video “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift brings to life her many (rumored) personalities in a series of intricate and elaborate costumes. She’s a zombie. She’s a glamorous woman who bathes in jewels. She’s the queen of a bunch of snakes. Within each costume are hidden references that connect to her past, and her drama.
If you’re looking for a good Taylor Swift Halloween costume, then you can mine “Look What You Made Me Do” for inspiration. There are as many Taylor Swift costumes as there are Taylor Swifts.
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Zombie Taylor

Zombie Taylor crawls out of a grave and inspires Halloween Taylor Swift costumes around the world. This one's easy. Watch a zombie makeup tutorial, and then wear a baby blue, v-neck gown. For further accuracy, cover your arms in dirt — you've just emerged from a grave, after all.
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Glam-lor Swift

We love Glam-lor, because she shirks practicality, and takes baths in diamonds and jewels. To achieve the look, wear a nude bodysuit or leotard, and decorate it with rhinestones and similarly shiny jewels. The accessories are the most essential component of the costume. Wear a series of chunky, shiny necklaces and bracelets, and about three rings per finger. Put your hair in a messy bun. Go really, really heavy on the smoky eye. Finally, to show you're not messing around, paint your nails and lips bright, bright red.
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Queen of Snakes Taylor

This is the newer, smarter Taylor, who's tamed snakes into serving her tea. For the costume, wear a long red gown. Then, instead of a usual queenly stole, drape a few fake snakes over your bare shoulders. Her fingers are covered in snake rings.
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Cat Lady Taylor

Swift's robbing a bank, and hoping no one will know it's her because she and her accomplices are wearing white cat masks. Conveniently, these eerie cat masks exist online. Pair a chunky, oversized black sweater with thigh-high burgundy boots. You can even get a tiger sweater like the one she wears in the video. Finally, if you want to really intimidate people, spray paint a baseball bat to match the gold hue of Swift's
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Piper Chapman Taylor

Come on, Taylor – prison uniforms are not this glamorous in real life. During this segment of the video, Swift swings tranquilly in a bird cage surrounded by guards. For this costume, wear a bright orange blouse and shorts. Pair it off with ridiculously high, bright orange boots.
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Lady of the Night Taylor

In this part of the video, Swift dresses as a Latex-ed out dominatrix. For this costume, wear long red evening gloves and thigh-high, shiny red boots. Then, if you're bold enough, walk out of the house in leather lingerie — if not, a black leather dress works too. Luckily, it's Halloween, so you can get a black cape anywhere. Pair the outfit with large silver hoops, a studded leather collar choker, and and some kind of black wand to command people with.
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Reputation Taylor.

This might require some DIY. Iron gothic-style glitter letters onto a black leotard. Wear a faux fur cape, and keep your hair damp. The most important part of this costume is the 'tude. Reputation-era Swift beats her past selves into submission.
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Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction Taylor

Fishnets, fishnets, fishnets. Wear thigh-high leather boots, and then cover the remaining skin with fishnet tights. Wear a black bodysuit and a fishnet top, and drape the left side of your body with a black fabric.
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Biker Gang Taylor

Guess now's the time to wear a studded black leather biker cap and leather jacket.
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The Grammy Winner on the Run Taylor

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to invest in a cheetah jacket? Wait no more. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. Wear studded sunglasses, a thick gold choker, and bright pink lipstick. Most importantly, you need a silver sequin dress with a high collar.
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Swan Lake Ballerina Taylor

At the end of the video, Swift hearkens back to some of her earlier, most iconic costumes. This ballet is from the "Shake it Off" video. Pair a white tutu with a white body suit. If you're feeling ambitious, you can sew a boa around the edges of the tutu. Top it off with a white headband.
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High School Taylor

Back to the "You Belong With Me" days we go. This is the easiest costume to DIY. Grab a white t-shirt, and copy the writing Swift has on her shirt using fabric markers. She's written the names of all of her close friends – you know who the "Selena" and "Lena" refer to. Then, wear black-rimmed glasses.
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Concert Taylor

This is a classic Taylor costume. Just walk around with a sequin dress, an acoustic guitar, and a weepy face. Be sure to write "13" on your strumming hand.
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