What Does The Future Hold For June In The Handmaid's Tale?

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Last night’s finale of The Handmaid’s Tale had us cringing, gasping, and looking away from the screen as a man’s arm was amputated. (Or maybe that was just me.) Bloodshed aside, the finale was just the explosive culmination of story lines we'd been hoping for. At the end of the episode, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is taken from the Waterfords' house and put into a white van, destination unknown. Talk about cliffhangers.
Over the course of 10 episodes, we've seen a woman start to fight back againt Gilead’s oppressive theocracy. Let’s just say June plays the game of Gilead in a way that would make Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones proud. She joins Mayday. She has an affair with a driver. She gets in touch with her husband, living in Canada.
By the finale, June has officially unleashed the revolutionary within. Although she’s heading into an unknown future, it’s safe to say that her story has only just started. Here are the possible futures we can portend for June.
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But first, let's refresh the episode’s events.

A lot happens in one hour. First, Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) discovers that June and the Commander (Joseph Fiennes) have been out to the brothel together. She proceeds to physically and emotionally torture June, and shows June her daughter, Hannah. Then, June finds out she’s pregnant with Nick’s (Max Minghella) baby. Last but not least, she starts a handmaid political revolution by refusing to stone Janine (Madeline Brewer).

At the end of the finale, the Eyes rush into the Waterford house to collect June. Nick tells Offred to follow the Eyes without protest.
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The finale ends with the same lines as the book.

As June enters the van and heads toward an unknown future, she says in voice-over, “Whether this is my end or a new beginning, I have no way of knowing. I have given myself over into the hands of strangers. I have no choice. It can’t be helped. And so I step up into the darkness within; or else the light.”

These words are pulled straight from Atwood's novel. In fact, they're the final words we hear from Offred — but they're not the last lines in the book. What follows is an academic presentation about June’s account, set years after the fall of Gilead. In this strange coda, we discover that June’s story was recorded on cassette tapes and found in a locker in Maine, a stop in Gilead’s underground railroad to Canada. Though June was clearly on her way out of Gilead, Atwood doesn't indicate whether she made a successful escape.
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Your interpretation of the finale depends on whether you trust Nick.

If we think that Nick is being truthful in telling June to follow the Eyes, then the Eyes are probably Mayday operatives sent to rescue June.

But if Nick really is just a good-for-nothing Eye, then June is being carted off for one of Gilead’s creative punishments. Since June is pregnant, her life won’t be threatened. But that doesn’t mean that Gilead's authorities won’t make her life terrible.
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Maybe June is heading to Mexico.

Earlier this season, we learned that the Commander brokered a trade deal with Mexico that will ensure the economic future of Gilead. In exchange for goods, Gilead will supply Mexico with fertile handmaids.

We have reason to think Mexico will be a setting in season 2. Showrunner Bruce Miller told Indiewire that he’s excited to visit new locales in the episodes to come. This could include the Colonies, where deviant members of society are sent, or places like Mexico.
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No matter what, the Waterfords will be involved.

Looks like June isn’t escaping from the Commander and Serena Joy anytime soon. Miller has already begun sketching out the influential family’s place in season 2.

“The Waterfords are going to be a big part of next season and I don’t want to tell you how, but certainly in a way connected to June,” Miller told Indiewire.
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Will June have a choice in her future's direction?

During the finale, June catches a glimpse of her daughter, Hannah, through the window of the Waterfords' car. Now that she knows where Hannah lives, June will be even more determined to save her.

But there’s a chance that Nick just put her on a fast-track to Canada in a Mayday van. In this case, her escape would be bittersweet, since it'll be without Hannah.

Perhaps she’ll have to choose between Canada or Hannah. Or, once in Canada, she’ll choose to go back to Gilead.
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We might meet June’s mother.

In the novel, Margaret Atwood explores June’s relationship with her mother, who had been an outspoken feminist.

Elisabeth Moss, who's an executive producer in addition to being show's star, hasn’t ruled out June’s mother making an appearance on season 2.

“When you explore a character who's trying to get her daughter back, of course you end up thinking about her own relationship with her mother,” Moss told The Hollywood Reporter.

The question would be whether we meet June's mother in flashback form or in the present day.
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