The Secret Social Media Lives Of The Bachelorette Men

Photo: Michael Yada/ABC.
Two episodes into the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette, and viewers are starting to really feel like they know the contestants. There are the fan favorites (Kenny, Peter), the drama kings (Blake E., Lucas), the attention whores (DeMario, Adam Jr.), and then the kissers (Bryan, Dean). But as a whole, do we really know these guys? No, not at all. But unlike the Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, we have a very crucial tool at our disposal to find all the best dirt and hidden secrets about the guys: Instagram.
To me, this feels like really the first season where all the men have extensive Instagram presences, full of embarrassing photos and brief glimpses into their previous lives. So, I got to work chiseling away, scrolling back to the very first posts on a bunch of the men. And what I found really upset me. Most of the men have been lying (or covering up) their real intentions — not just Mr. Whaboom. At least half these men are either aspiring models, aspiring actors, aspiring filmmakers, or aspiring diet tea spon con-ners (cough, Bryan). They're all THIRSTY AF for fame, and crave the spotlight more than any other group of dudes on this show we've seen so far. And all the proof is a just few clicks away.
Not to be a Bachelor purist, but really guys? How many #models are too many #models? Is nothing sacred?
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Always good catching up with my boy Rakim! #DOPETheMovie @asvpxrocky

A post shared by Fred Johnson 🌹 (@realfredjohnson) on

Fred Johnson

So, Fred has been busy since his days of being a very bad kid to his camp counselor, Rachel — he's been on the quest to become a filmmaker. He got his MFA at the Florida State University (which is a great school for that degree). I don't really get why he says he is an executive assistant, unless he was trying to not make his motives so transparent.

Here he is on the set of the 2015 film, Dope, with rapper and actor A$AP Rocky.
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Behind the Scenes #brooklyn

A post shared by Anthony Battle 🌹 (@siranthonybattle) on

Anthony Battle

At first glance, Anthony's Instagram is just a wonderful, uplifting feed full of photos from his travels in Africa to teach. But then you see the "modeling" pictures creeping in along with the gym selfies. Sigh.
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Lucas Yancey

We knew "Whaboom" wasn't in it for the "right reasons" thanks to Blake E.'s continuous emotional outbursts, but damn this guy was annoying on his other reality show, Ex Isle (which he appeared on with Blake E., by the way, which explains their deeply rooted feud). And now compared to the other guys who are also beyond ready to bust out and become famous on their own, he's now the most transparent of the bunch. Who would have thought?
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DeMario Johnson

His Instagram is totally cleaned out which means he either was FOR SURE dating that other girl on the low, or he started using the Instagram on the fly in correlation with the show coming out. (He tells Glamour he was approached to be on the show while eating at a Chipotle.)
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Hair and makeup? First time for everything. I could get used to this kinda life!

A post shared by Diggy Moreland 🌹 (@diggymoreland) on

Diggy Moreland

Two years ago, Diggy got a taste of the luxe life, and now he's back for more: "Hair and makeup? First time for everything. I could get used to this kinda life!"
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Eric Bigger

Eric has been craving a career in the spotlight for a min-ute. He's registered on Model (where his profile says that he does not "shoot nudes") and was at one time affiliated with Ford Models. He also appeared on none other than Kris Jenner's short-lived talk show to do some "summer modeling."
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Great night @undergroundchi last night w/ James from the #bachelorette

A post shared by iggy_rodriguez - S13 | 🌹 (@iggy_rodriguez) on

Iggy Rodriguez

Iggy seems like a pretty legit guy, so I am not trying to drag him, but I had to point out this foreboding post with a former Bachelorette contestant. A friend asked "you watch the bachelorette?!" to which Iggy responded: "riveting television." Spooky.
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Waiting for the weekend like... #relaxed #messydeskdontcare #2017lookinup #blessedandhighlyfavored #dr.abs

A post shared by Dr. Bryan Abasolo (@thebryanabasolo) on

Bryan Abasolo

Hello, Dr. Abs. Nice to see you. But I am going to need a little more information about this diet product spon-con happening in the next slide. Just prepping for that post-Bach life?
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Join the 30 day weightloss challenge. Lose 30lbs in 30 days! Message me for details!!

A post shared by Dr. Bryan Abasolo (@thebryanabasolo) on

Bryan Abasolo

Seems sketch.
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Just me keeping it "REAL." #thereal #fox #tv #talkshow #fox #daytimetv #shirtless #fun

A post shared by Blake Elarbee, CSCS #keto (@blakelosangeles) on

Blake Elarbee

Blake E. is a personal trainer and former bodybuilder — self-tanner and all. He's also appeared on TV segments as a half-naked muscle man, clearly revealing his own less-than-love intentions.
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Do it how I want it. #often #theweeknd

A post shared by Blake Elarbee, CSCS #keto (@blakelosangeles) on

Blake Elarbee

The Ex Isle alumni is also not a bad drummer, per say, but this video is from two years ago. At what point do you graduate from "aspiring" to "legit"? And why did he lie about his real career?
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Peter Kraus

This ex-model is, like his many other peers, obsessed with the gym. And showing off his abs. All that makes sense because he is ALSO a personal trainer and even owns his own personal training company, called WORTH. He's basically this season's Shawn Booth.
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Brady Ervin

Brady is indeed a model, though not one who has booked very many big campaigns. But he has his eyes set on doing commercial work too, as he reveals in another Instagram of him holding a book with advice on how to become a better actor.