Meet All 31 Of Rachel Lindsay's Suitors On The Bachelorette

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Grab a pencil and start your predictions: The men of The Bachelorette are here. ABC just revealed the 31 contestants that will vie for Dallas native Rachel Lindsay's heart this season. This reality series functions like a sporting event — yes, there's love involved, but mainly we're watching 25-31 stupidly attractive people play games until someone wins.
This year, of course, is a little different: The show has its first Black Bachelorette. Since the network announced Lindsay's role, fans have speculated about the diversity of the contestants. In seasons past, The Bachelorette and its sibling shows have been all for tokenism — each crop of contestants usually features one or two people of color. (The prevailing joke is also that these people get kicked off in the first or second episode.) Lindsay herself previously stated that this season, there had better be more contestants of color. Here's how that shook out: Of this year's collection of 31 potential future husbands, 14 of them are persons of color. That's almost 50%.
Most importantly, though, these are all men that may very well win Rachel Lindsay's heart. They will woo her in epic (and embarrassing) challenges. A few will have bizarre jobs that we will endlessly mock on social media. The four most swell guys will earn the privilege of a "hometown date." These are the milestones that really matter. So, as you swipe through the following romantic hopefuls, keep an eye out for Rachel Lindsay's soul mate. He's in there, we promise. (Or ABC promises.)
1 of 32
Kyle, 26, marketing consultant
2 of 32
Blake K., 29, U.S. Marine veteran
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Jonathan, 31, "tickle monster"
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Adam, 27, real estate agent
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Milton, 31, hotel recreation supervisor
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Anthony, 26, education software manager
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Will, 28, sales manager
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Josiah, 28, prosecuting attorney
9 of 32
Jack Stone, 32, attorney
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Kenny, 35, professional wrestler
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Mohit, 26, project manager
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Robert "Rob," 30, law student
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Brady, 29, male model
14 of 32
Bryan, 37, chiropractor
15 of 32
Fred, 27, executive assistant
16 of 32
Matthew, 32, construction sales rep
17 of 32
Lucas, 30, "whaboom"
18 of 32
Lee, 30, singer-songwriter
19 of 32
Michael, 26, former professional basketball player
20 of 32
Bryce, 30, firefighter
21 of 32
Jedidiah, 35, ER physician
22 of 32
Peter, 31, business owner
23 of 32
Dean, 26, startup recruiter
24 of 32
Blake E., 31, aspiring drummer
25 of 32
Jamey, 32, sales account executive
26 of 32
Alex, 28, information systems supervisor
27 of 32
Diggy, 31, senior inventory analyst
28 of 32
Grant, 29, emergency medicine physician
29 of 32
Iggy, 30, consulting firm CEO
30 of 32
Demario, 30, executive recruiter
31 of 32
Eric, 29, personal trainer
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