Glossier Just Made A HUGE Announcement (Hint: It Means Way More Products)

Glossier has established itself as the Instagram-friendly, millennial pink-packaged, cool-girl brand that has the whole marketing thing down pat. (We feel so cool every time we receive a brown paper box stamped with a minimalist smiley face, and don't even get us started on how perfect those pink Ziploc bags are for travel.)
The brand “reset the beauty game” by delivering a solid skin-care routine for an affordable price — but that was almost three years ago. Now, with plenty of products in the lineup rapidly gathering their own cult followings (hello, Haloscope), it seems as though the makeup brand is ready for its first major growth spurt — and it’s a big one.
Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a press release that delivered a surprising announcement: “Glossier to expand and create 282 new jobs.” If you’re thinking, holy shit — well, we're right there with you. Almost 300 job opportunities for beauty lovers suddenly hitting career boards is a damn good reason to move to NYC, where the brand is based.
To accommodate the growing company, Glossier is moving to a bigger headquarters, plus launching retail stores, international shipping, and many more products (including two more categories).
The press release mentions that the massive expansion will come from the State of New York's economic development agency, Excelsior Jobs Program, which will fund the company’s expansion with $3 million in performance-based tax credits.
Glossier founder Emily Weiss posted a response to the news on her lifestyle site, Into the Gloss, earlier today. She wrote that this isn’t the first time she’s asked to borrow money to build the Glossier empire, but apparently, third time's the charm. According to Weiss, Glossier recently filed a $24 million Series B ( Forbes reports it “among the largest rounds raised by a woman CEO in recent years”) — solidifying the cult brand's customer and market value. "Very few people told us no," Weiss said. "This cash infusion will help us see through our vision of Glossier becoming a truly global community."
Most recently, the trendy brand dropped its first cream blush, a rich face cream, and a clear version of its famous Boy Brow. That was a lot of excitement, as is the perfume we're anticipating in our near future, but now we have so much more to look forward to. Hold onto your hats Glossier fans: This is about to be a long, pink ride.
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