What You Should Binge-Watch Next, Based On Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Character

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We like categorizing ourselves. There are 12 signs in the Zodiac, 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, four Hogwarts houses, and lots of main characters from Game of Thrones. In fact, you can tell a lot about someone based on which GoT character she identifies with primarily. Are you an Arya, someone who relentlessly pursues her goals? Are you coming into your strength gradually like Daenerys, or were you born clutching red wine like Cersei? Do you liken yourself a psychic like Bran and carry around a deck of Tarot cards in your back pocket?
With different personalities comes different taste profiles. We assure you that a Tyrion Lannister and a Catelyn Stark will have vastly disparate Netflix queues.
Since season 7's July 16 start is achingly far away, loyal GoT fans will have to binge-watch other (lesser?) TV shows. While these series may be lacking the blood, guts, and ensemble str power of GoT, we think you’ll like theem, based on your favorite character.
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If you love Tyrion Lannister, watch…


Intelligent outsider who can see the world differently than anyone else? Check. Snark galore? Check. Minor substance abuse issues? Double check. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock has a few things in common with the Lannister brother on the lamb. If you admire Tyrion’s sharp logic and witty remarks, and empathize with a character who’s never going to fit in, then Sherlock will appeal to you, big time.
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If you love Cersei Lannister, watch…

The Sopranos

The Lannisters have more in common with a Jersey mobster family than with their Westerosi peers. From one lawless land to another, you’ll enjoying comparing the Soprano and Lannister family values.
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If you love Daenerys Targaryen, watch...

True Blood

Daenerys has quite a few things in common with fellow HBO blonde Sookie Stackhouse, protagonist of the show True Blood. Both Sookie and Dany awaken their power through contact with mythological creatures: Dany with dragons, and Sookie with pretty much everything, from vampires to cannibal maenads.

If you like watching heroines lord over Dothraki masses or Louisiana vampire bars, then you’ll adore Sookie’s transformation from hesitant telepath into full-fledged badass fairy woman.
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If you love Jon Snow, watch...

The Walking Dead

Low blow? Perhaps. But our boy Jon is never going to be the same following his resurrection at the hands of Melisandre. If you're still attached to Jon Snow's half-living cadaver, you're bound to feel sympathy for the bloodthirsty zombies in The Walking Dead.
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If you love Samwell Tarly, watch...


Both Louie and Samwell are endearing guys who can’t seem to catch a break. They struggle with kids, parents, their partners’ kids, their partners’ parents, all with some sort of a sense of humor. Although we think that Samwell’s life would be made a bit easier if he had Louie’s degenerate sensibility, rather than such an upright, uptight outlook on life.
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If you love Olenna Tyrell, watch...

The Americans

While Olenna Tyrell will go down in TV history as the most endearing septuagenarian spy, The Americans features equally psychologically rich secret agents. Beginning its newest season now, this critically acclaimed show focuses on two Soviet spies fully integrated into American culture during the Cold War.
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If you love Sansa Stark, watch...


When viewed with a narrow lens, the entirety of Game of Thrones could also be called How Sansa Got Her Groove Back. Sansa transforms from a Joffrey fangirl into a savvy war strategist. While not everyone’s coming of age can be so epic, the show Skins treats teenagers as human beings with dreams, aspirations, and complications not taken seriously enough by older generations. Sounds similar to Sansa.
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If you love Littlefinger, watch...

House of Cards

If one character could thrive in Washington, D.C., it’s Littlefinger. Frank Underwood, protagonist of House of Cards, would finally meet his scheming match. Similar to Littlefinger, Underwood has based his political career on exploiting individuals’ weaknesses and operating according to his own moral code. While you might not actively root for Littlefinger or Frank Underwood, their elaborate manipulations sure are entertaining to watch.
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If you love Brienne of Tarth, watch...

Downton Abbey

Loyal to Catelyn Stark and her offspring to the bitter end, Brienne has a rigid sense of how people should function within the social order. In that sense, she’s much like Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey.
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If you love Catelyn Stark, watch...

Big Little Lies

As Catelyn and the mothers of HBO’s Big Little Lies can tell you, motherhood is not without its fair share of murder and drama. Living in the picture-perfect seaside town of Monterey, CA, the mothers of Big Little Lies find that petty fights can escalate into full-fledged crime. The show kicks off with a murder investigation, and flashes back to reveal who’s been murdered — and why. Catelyn and the mothers, played by Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley, balance commitment to their kids in the Wild West of Westeros and Monterey.
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If you love Arya Stark, watch...

Marvel's Jessica Jones

If Ayra had a crime-fighting spin-off, we’d watch it. In many ways, the brave yet psychologically damaged Stark strikes a resemblance to Jessica Jones, the superhero at the helm of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones, a sardonic former superhero who reboots her life by starting a detective agency. Both Arya and Jessica been deeply wronged by people in the past, and work through their trauma over the course of their respective shows.
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Murray Close
If you love Bran Stark, watch...


Bran spends an entire season learning how to implant his brain into a hawk; the eight geographically disparate characters on Sense8 discover their senses are shared with one another. In both instances, characters are able to psychically break out of the confines of their body. If Bran’s dabbles with the occult intrigue you, then you’ll love this science-fiction series about a group of “sensates,” humans linked with mental and emotional bonds, being hunted by those who see them as a threat to stability.
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If you love Margaery Tyrell, watch...

The Crown

We have no doubt that, had Margaery lived, she would’ve been a great queen. She balanced her thirst for the Iron Throne with a genuine concern for the Westerosi people. Even if much of her actions were politically motivated, she had a kinder heart than her mother-in-law. Netflix’s The Crown focuses on the early days of another monarch — the real-life queen of England. Just as the throne reshaped Margaery’s character, so too will Elizabeth’s individual personality be subsumed to the importance of her role.
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If you love Melisandre, watch...

American Horror Story

While each season of Ryan Murphy's show embodies Melisandre's manic, mystical energy, American Horror Story: Coven is the best fit. The fourth season of the anthology series tells the story of a witch academy in New Orleans. We could easily imagine Melisandre holding a fabulously campy and dramatic guest lecture in this fabulously campy and dramatic show.