Painting Faces On Bananas Can Earn You A Six-Figure Salary

Imagine you were training to become an EMT and asked yourself: “What’s a fun and creative way to make $100,000 per year?” Not many of us have been in that situation, admittedly. But even fewer of us would have come up with the answer that Davonte Wilson did. The Plano, TX resident decided that he’d take his talents to the bananasphere with an idea that’s so bananas that it just might work. Wilson makes and sells custom bananas online at Bananas Gone Wild. For just $9.99, you can customize and send bananas to anywhere in the US. That’s a deal, right? What’s the going rate on banana art? It seems like a deal. Don’t eat them, though. Aside from being literally art, the site’s FAQ specifies that they’re not for consumption. His business is doing well enough that he thinks he’ll clear six figures this year. We are all in the wrong careers. Some of his designs, posted to Facebook, are pretty inspired.
The possibilities of the bananagram are literally endless. Send one to your boss if you’re angling for a raise. Send one to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Prompose using one. Who cares. It’s a banana. Live a little.

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